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Personal site of Michael Lutonsky
Who? Student at TU Wien (Software & Information Engineering) in Vienna (Austria).
What? Informatics (networking, programming (java; android; C#; php), os-structure-basics, accounting, databases, logical stuff [graph theory, propositional logic, etc.] and much more!) at school, (Node.)JS-Coder, C#-Coder, (Linux|Mac)-user, Regex-Lover

Contact: m _et_ luto.at, @luutoo, GitHub
GPG: 4096R/07668266, 42FF 8AEA BD59 02BF 7831 5814 5CC7 87BD 0766 8266, hipster crypto (keybase)
Current Projects: yasp (webbased Emulator+Assembler), shownot.es, etherpad-lite plugins, ShowPad, replac0r, shownoteseditor (Demo)
Past Projects: etherpad-lite contributions, ShowPad, Cloaked-Nemesis, FoggyConsole

Impressum: nic.at Whois